The Importance of Back to School Physicals

back to school physicals

As summer comes to an end the back-to-school season can seem overwhelming. It all adds up: shopping for school clothes and supplies, meeting new teachers, choosing activities, and dealing with the ever-present homework your child needs help with. But in the busyness, make sure to schedule back to school physicals for all your children.

It’s not only a good idea medically, but many schools require them! Keep reading to learn why they’re so important and for information about scheduling an appointment today.

Benefits Of Back To School Physicals

Everyone, child or adult, should have an annual physical. Getting into a routine of doing this each school year sets a good example for the rest of your child’s life. For children, a yearly school physical gives them a great chance to talk about any concerns they have about physical or mental issues.

Doctors will check the basics like height, weight, and blood pressure. They will ask about personal habits like eating, getting enough sleep, not smoking, and other standard parts of a physical exam. 

But doctors will also give time for students to share any mental health or social concerns, as well. Do they make friends easily? Why or why not? Do they enjoy hobbies? This can be a crucial time to discover any issues early and begin to address them.

For slightly older children, this is also a good time to answer questions they may have about alcohol, sex, or other difficult topics. If parents are nervous or hesitant to bring up these issues, sometimes it can help to have the doctor begin the conversation.

Sports Physicals

For student-athletes, there is an additional reason to make sure to see a doctor. They can do specific sports physicals to determine fitness to play a sport and provide advice about training and staying healthy during sports practice.

If your child has had previous injuries, the doctor will be able to provide guidance about which sports or activities are safe to participate in. The doctor can even provide input about healthy routines to stay in shape for the sport without overdoing it.

Update Vaccinations

The yearly school physical is also a good time to make sure your child’s vaccinations are up-to-date. Many schools require this, but for good reason. Vaccinations are an important part of overall personal and public health to keep kids safe in school.

This year, with health concerns complicated by the coronavirus pandemic, it’s particularly important to see a doctor before starting the school year. While there is not yet a Covid-19 vaccine, your child’s doctor may have special instructions for staying healthy during this time.  

Contact Us Today

If you are ready to schedule back to school physicals for your children, please contact us today. We can help you schedule appointments and answer any questions you may have about how to keep your kids safe and healthy as the school year starts up again. 

Even though it’s a busy time of year, don’t forget about this important part of your back-to-school plan!